Al Mashreq Educational Services

Prior to Charter till Charter Approval

- Feasibility Study
- Completing the charter application process
- Training and assistance throughout the application process
- Follow up Management services


- Teachers/Staff performance evaluation
- Evaluation reports and recommendation (Duration: 2 months includes 12 visits)
- Assisting with curriculum research, development and modifications (Duration: 4 months)
- Analyzing, interpreting and using academic performance data to inform and improve instruction (Duration: 4 months)

Special Education needs

- Department launching/management
- Recruiting/training staff
- Student Admission
- Individual education programs (IEPs)
- Parental Counseling


- Professional development
• Teacher training programs (Duration: 6 weeks)
• Students Awareness/Incentive programs (Collective/individual)
• Parents Awareness/Incentive programs (Collective/Individual parental counseling) (Duration: 1 month)
- In School Campus training
• Department Management
• Administrative staff and teachers
- Student Winter/Summer Camps

School Management System (web based)

-Comprehensive monitoring school management data base and administrative software tailored to school’s requirements.

Problem Solving

- We offer advice/recommendations and implement solutions for various problems tailored to the organization needs.

Al Mashreq Technological Services

Hardware and Technologies

- Computers, laptops, tablets, screens, printers and scanners including all accessories.
- Projectors and interactive boards.
- Time management and access control devices.
- Surveillance systems including DVR, NVR, CCTV and IP cameras.

Network infrastructures

- Design and implement different kinds of networks starting from home networks to enterprise overseas ones.
- Microsoft, Linux and UNIX networks.
- Servers’ management and control.
- Use different brands according to customer budget and needs like CISCO, LINKSYS, DLINK, Huawei, 3COM… etc.

ERP Solutions

- SchoolEveryWhere ( ), a complete life management for educational businesses, from admission through eLearning till the progress report.
- MedicaGate ( ), the perfect hospital management system.
- BusinessGate, a complete ERP targeting real-estate companies.

Custom on demand software and web applications

- We can deliver any kind of software in a perfect manner using all available technologies and methods.
- We develop using PHP, ASP.NET, Ajax, Java ……etc., and use MYSQL, SQL, Oracle ……etc.
- New technologies for interface designs of software and websites.

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